Saturday, October 9, 2010

mini cooper mmg superb

all this while, i think im the luckiest girl ever...having really2 good frenz....n im also thinking that relationship never know the meaning of i can see my old fwenz ika, can adapt with my new frenz,pika,syera n superb they are..

hanging out together..laugh together....the best part is,,we share our food together...instead of saving our money..we can also build our friendship more stronger...juz like old people said 'kongsi makanan ni bagos, boleh eratkan silaturrahim'..;)

                                          before we return to the upm..

                                           camera neve lie u..

                                          we love each other..

haish terlampau byk nk masok kan, da,,,tngok kt fb je ok...;)

Prof Dr. Hazwani binti Bachok..

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